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====== FieldTrip workshop in Salzburg ===== === Where === The University of Salzburg, with support from the “TINNET” COST Action === When === 9 - 11 December 2015 === Who === Nietzsche Lam and Tzvetan Popov will be the lecturers and teachers Gaetan Sanchez, Nathan Weisz and Thomas Hartmann are the local organizers. === External Applicant Call === For the application please specify i) your background (MEG/EEG analysis experience, topic of research), ii) whether you have a background in tinntus research iii) why you would like to participate in this workshop. Send your applications by completing [[|this form]] with the required information While the overarching goal of the workshop is to promote M/EEG research in understanding the neural underpinnings of tinnitus heterogeneity, applicants of other fields are encouraged to apply. Each accepted external attendee will be supported by the TINNET COST action up to the maximum of 400€ for travel and accommodation. We will accept about 10 participants. For any question please contact Gaetan Sanchez [sanchez.gaetan[at]]‎.