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====== FieldTrip workshop in Salzburg ===== === Where === The University of Salzburg, with support from the [[|TINNET-COST Action]] === When === 9 - 11 December 2015 === Who === Nietzsche Lam and Tzvetan Popov will be the lecturers and teachers. Gaetan Sanchez, Nathan Weisz and Thomas Hartmann are the local organizers. === External Applicant Call === For the application please specify - your background (MEG/EEG analysis experience, topic of research), - whether you have a background in tinntus research - why you would like to participate in this workshop. Send your applications by completing [[|this form]] with the required information While the overarching goal of the workshop is to promote M/EEG research in understanding the neural underpinnings of tinnitus heterogeneity, applicants of other fields are encouraged to apply. Each accepted external attendee will be supported by the TINNET-COST action up to a maximum of 400€ for travel and accommodation. We will accept about 10 participants. For any questions please contact Gaetan Sanchez [sanchez.gaetan[at]]‎.