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 +====== FieldTrip workshop at Washington University, St Louis======
 +The workshop consisted of lectures and hands-on sessions. The lectures were broadcasted using WebEx and recorded. The recordings have been made available [[http://​www.humanconnectome.org/​documentation/​tutorials/​field-trip-training.html|online on the HCP site]]. Regretfully they have rather poor audio; it was recorded with the speakerphone hanging on the wall, not with a proper microphone.
 +Another presentation that is available online is the FieldTrip lecture series at [[http://​brams.org|BRAMS]] ​ (International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research). These lectures were presented and recorded ​ by Julian Keil, an enthousiastic user in Montreal. See http://​vimeo.com/​user11934546/​videos. ​